Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Magic of Trees

I have loved trees since I can first remember. I grew up in Cambridge and we would often go and visit ‘The Gogs’ and Cherry Hinton Hall. The trees fascinated me and I well remember tracing my fingers over the bark wondering what they would say if only knew how to listen. I am now lucky enough to live near Weald park in Essex and there are some truly amazing trees there. My favourite is a stately old ok which was once struck by lightning. The trunk is almost hollow where it burned and yet the tree flourishes. You can stand inside it and just feel the power it emanates.

I have many tarot decks (yes, you could call it an addiction!) but if I had to pick one deck to take to a desert island it would be my Tarot of Trees. For those who love lots of symbols and detailed layers this may not be the deck for them. Its colours are simple as are the card designs themselves. Yet whenever I look at the cards they convey a profound message and some of my best readings are done with this deck. It is certainly the simplest deck I own and yet it speaks to me in a way that I have not encountered with any other deck.

I used to think “If only trees could talk” but now I am a little wiser I think “If only we could stop and listen to what they have to say”.

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