Friday, 17 June 2011


My Tree Oracle Card for the day is Oak. This is a stunning card that I can really enter in to. The colours are the muted greens and browns of the depth of the forest. In the branches we see the head of the green man with his proud antlers beckoning you to come forward. His smile is enigmatic and mysterious. 

The message of the Oak card is:

The source of the life force
Nourishes your deepest roots
With vitality, will and power
Make the world your own!
But soft, hear the secret of success
Care for those in need
Bring tenderness where emptiness once ruled.

Oak brings us confidence and strength in body and mind. We can fight if we need to and also protect those whom we love. With the blessing of Oak we can do this with great integrity. Without the blessing of oak we are help hostage by fear, lethargy and exhaustion. If we are totally cut off from Oak, darkness and depression ensue: lies and betrayal follow.

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