Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Sorceress

My tarot card for today is The Sorceress from Lisa Hunts Fairy Tale Tarot.

The Lady in the card is of the Lake Llyn y Van Vach who’s story is to be found in the Welsh tale ‘The Lake Maiden’. After the lady returned to her lake her sons often wandered about the lake and its vicinity, hoping that their mother might be permitted to visit the face of the earth once more, as they had been apprised of her mysterious origin, her first appearance to their father, and the untoward circumstances which so unhappily deprived them of her maternal care.

In one of their rambles, at a place near Dôl Howel, at the Mountain Gate, still called "Llidiad y Meddygon," The Physicians' Gate, the mother appeared suddenly, and accosted her eldest son, whose name was Rhiwallon, and told him that his mission on earth was to be a benefactor to mankind by relieving them from pain and misery, through healing all manner of their diseases; for which purpose she furnished him with a bag full of medical prescriptions and instructions for the preservation of health. That by strict attention thereto he and his family would become for many generations the most skilful physicians in the country. Then, promising to meet him when her counsel was most needed, she vanished. But on several occasions she met her sons near the banks of the lake, and once she even accompanied them on their return home as far as a place still called "Pant-y-Meddygon," The dingle of the Physicians, where she pointed out to them the various plants and herbs which grew in the dingle, and revealed to them their medicinal qualities or virtues; and the knowledge she imparted to them, together with their unrivalled skill, soon caused them to attain such celebrity that none ever possessed before them. And in order that their knowledge should not be lost, they wisely committed the same to writing, for the benefit of mankind throughout all ages. Her sons became the Physicians of Myddfai. The Physicians of Myddfai left a strong legacy, the most important being their manuscripts. Today we can look back at their teachings and remedies and apply modern science to start understand their herbal prescriptions and importantly establish the relevance of these in modern day Medicine, both Herbal and Orthodox.  

The sorceress can help you to become more connected with the rhythm of the cosmos. She is the female principle and reflects lunar mysteries. With her assistance we can start acquiring awareness if the greater forces that are at work in our lives.

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